Annual Members

The Bologna Performing Arts Center invites you to become an Annual Member for the 2023-2024 Season!

WHO ARE ANNUAL MEMBERS? Individuals from across the Mississippi Delta who ensure that our performing arts center continues to thrive by providing tax-deductible contributions* that go directly towards artistic programming and educational outreach opportunities.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? In addition to ensuring a vibrant cultural landscape for our region, Annual Members have access to benefits such as ticket presales, reserved seats and parking passes.

HOW DO I JOIN? Donations can be made online or by calling 662-846-4625. Gifts can be made one-time, quarterly, or even set-up on a monthly draft.

Thank you for your support!

*Your contribution that is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess of any money (and the value of any property other than money) contributed by you over the fair market value of goods or services provided by the charity. The fair market value of goods or services received by you will be disclosed on your gift acknowledgement from Delta State University Foundation, Inc.

Memberships for the 2023-2024 Season are valid through June 30, 2024.

2023-2024 Annual Members

as of 7.26.2023

Delta Regional Foundation
The Image Specialist of MS
The Sanders Family
The Tims-Wessel Family
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Wilbanks, Mrs. R.C. Johnson, Jr., and The Clint and Ellen Ann Johnson Foundation

VIP $3,000
Nancy Kaplan Chiz
Margaret and Tra DuBois
Jennifer and Dan Ennis
Beverly and Gary Fioranelli
Jamey and Gary Gainspoletti
Michelle and John Todd Gist
Louise and Tom Gresham
Laura and Walton Gresham
Janoush Family Holdings, LLC
Leslie and Jerry Jenkins
Kitty Kossman
Mark Moore Auto Service
Sherry and Rick Smythe
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Sykes Sturdivant
Carol Tatum

Allendale Planting Co.
Diane and Vic Aguzzi
Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. William Davidson Alford
Steve Azar St. Cecilia Foundation
Bayou Academy
Bib and Michael Belenchia
Tanya and Randy Bolden
Kathie and Mark Boone
Mike Boyd and Don Blades
Susan and Wade Boyette
Dr. Charles and Jan Brock
Shannon and Steve Brown
Karen and Ike Brunetti
Celeste and Wayne Bush
James Ceranti Family
Cyndi Chrestman
Ellen and Jimmy Clayton
Kay and Ed Coleman
Cheryl Comans
Cotton Row Frame Shop, LLC
Joanne and Joseph Crews
Candy and Larry Davis
John M. Dean
Judy and H.L. Dilworth
Mimi and Bill Dossett
Lynn and Woods Eastland
Betty Jane and Joe Fennell
Beth and David Fisher
Betty Jane and Joe Fennell
Caroline Laudig Gaines
Mary Jean and Dennis Gates
Peggy and David Gladden
Melanie and Bill Griffith
Cristyn and Bruce Holder
Lifetime Dental
Connie and Jimmy McClellan
Drew McGahey
The McNeer Family
Draughon and Bill McPherson
Georgia G. McPherson
Bettye and Ned Mitchell
Mississippi Land Bank
Jane and Duke Morgan
Kerri and Henry Mosco
Nehi Bottling Company
Becky and Billy Nowell
The Oakes Family
Stephanie and Kenner Patton
Lisa and Billy Percy
Hilda and Kirkham Povall
Lindsay and Harris Powers III
Dr. Robert T. Ragan
Bridget and Kirk Satterfield
Dameon A. Shaw
Susan and Shine Sizemore
Janet and Steve Skelton
Dr. Hugh and Diane Smith
Mary Beth Smith Designs
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Spivey
Mrs. Ygondine Sturdivant
Myrtis S. Tabb
Laura and Huey Townsend
Janice and Kent Wyatt

Mona and Phillip Adams
Hannah and Michael Aguzzi
Susan and David Allen
Stanley and Mary Jo Ayres
Julianne and Christopher Bailey
Margaret and Bill Baird
Travis and Cindy Bassie
Patricia and John Rodgers Brashier
Liz and Ben Bufkin
LaBeth and John Bush
Dr. and Mrs. E.E. Caston
Janice and Luther Chandler
Col. Timothy Corley and Sha Cash Aguzzi
Amy and Edwin Craft
Gwin and Dean Cumbaa
Karen and Andy Daniels
Becky and Andy Dixon
Lisa and Brett Dixon
Patti and Les Dixon
Mrs. Hal Fiser
Ben Folk
Mary McKay and Danny Griffith
Pat and Morgan Gulledge
La’Jo and Steven Hand
Patti and Johnny Hemphill
Kate and Will Hood
Laura and Frank Howell
Sherilyn and Austin Jones
Amber Kincaid
Blair and Dean Ladner
Kay and Buddy Long
Irene and Lawrence Long
Brandi and Eddie Lovin
Marsha and John Lucas
Judy and Claude Marchesini
Beverly and Ellington Massey
Karen and Ronnie Mayers
Ellen L. McCreary and Bobbie Nell Lewis
Leigh and Billy McDowell
Diane and Drew McDowell
Karen and Todd McLemore
Brenda Moorhead
Kevin and Terri Murrell
Shauna Myers
Karen and Robert Naron
Dr. and Mrs. Park Neff
B.J. and Roy Nichols
Laurie and Richard Noble
Ann and Ed Peacock III
Kim and Gary Pongetti
Ann and William Quinton
Nan and Randy Randall
Elyette and Jim Robertson
The Safleys
Nancy and Travis Satterfield
Terri and Roy Schilling
Sammye and Dennis Short
Dr. Erin and Mr. Randy Stagner
The Steele Family
Rose Strahan
Cheryl and Mike Swindoll
Toddler Town, Inc.
Beverly and Ike Trotter
Sherry and Marty Tubbs
Tricia Walker
Hall Warlick
Dr. and Mrs. James Edward Warrington, Jr.
Janet M. Webb
Dena and Johnny Weeks
Martha and Nott Wheeler
Al and Melanie Williams
Carol and Ken Wood
Debbie and Larry Woodruff
Marsha Wooten
Meghann and Andrew Yee
Joe Dan Yee
Becky and Chris Young
Angie and Tim Zepponi

Priscilla and Richard Aguzzi
Lana and Greg Bates
Vicki and Charles Bingham
Gloria and Johnny Brister
Wesley and Wendy Brown
Dianne Burchfield
Sandra B. and Frank Crosthwait
Lottie Mae and Jim Dawkins
John Nathan and Kenney Duff
James Enriquez
Laura Kate Fortner
Merrill and John Greenlee
Lori and James Langley
Cheryl LeBlanc and Family
           in memory of Michael O. LeBlanc
Alice and James Lindsey
Kelly McQueen
Libby and Mike Mullins
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Norwood
Anna Satterfield
Regina and Dwayne Satterfield
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Shurden
Lisa and Kelly Smith
Nancy and Tom Tollison

Signe and Jim Adams
Linda Alford
Dr. John and Janice Arnold
Tammy and Fred Baine
Harry Belvedresi
Mr. Jimmy Breland
Jan and John Brown
Robert E. Burford, CPA
Kelsey and Hartley Carver
Georgene Clark
Jane and Bill Crump
Charlotte Pinkston Dale
Kay Daugherty
Stan Delaney
Gina and Lester Diamond
Linda and Joe Earnest
Mary Grace and Jeff Edwards
Docia and Perry England
Martha and David Etheridge
Beth and Lee Evans
Hardie and Lee Frankel
Freeman Earth Moving
Carolyn and Jimmy Goodman
Melanie and Steve Hall
Marica and Mark Hargett
Nancy and James Hill
Hill and Hardin Dental
Laura and Paul Hollis
Ms. Katrina Faylene Horne
Becky and Tim Hovas
R&D Security – William and Linda Huff
Betty and Freddie Johnson
Julie Ann Jones
Lanny and Bill Kennedy
Mary Kline
Dr. and Mrs. Curt Lacy
Barbara and Jeffrey Levingston
Debbie and Charlie Maxwell
Dr. and Mrs. David McDaniel
Loyd and Diana McDowell
Mr. and Mrs. Parker McNeer
Lynn and Mike Peeples
Brenda and Dale Persons
Tess and Ricky Poe
Debbie and Bill Powell
Joe Reed & Co., Inc.
Mary Jo and Fre Roark
Terry Roberts
Melody and Clay Seymour
Lynn Shurden
Pam and Richard Sparks
Laura and Frank Stainback
Linda and Victor Stokes
Gwendolyn J. and Kenneth L. Thomas
Sarah and Chip UpChurch
Sarah and Erik van Rens
Kelli and Judd Williams
Lynn and Stephen Winters
Turner and Jennifer Wood
Pat and Jim Wood
Cindy and Gary Woody

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Addison
Ann and David Arant
John and Kristy Bariola
Rebecca Barrett
Mary Kathryn Bramuchi
Julie and Mike Brown
Dave Campbell
Steve and Nancy Carmical
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Casavechia
Megan Cascio
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Champion III
Mr. and Mrs. William Coleman
Dennis Corbin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cox
Phil Davis
Andrea and Adam Dean
Cheryl Dean
Dale DeLoach
Mrs. Bobbie Dubard
Donna Galey
Chad and Tish Givens
Brandy Grant
Carole and Bob Graves
Deborah and Tom Harrison
Vicki Hartley
Ernie and Gale Holliday
Carlene and Hut Howell
William and Linda Huff
Sally and Ken Ibsen
Elizabeth Jenkins
Jeanie and Brent Johnson
Amanda and Trey King
Mike and Cindy Kinnison
Debbie and Porter Leftwich & Anne and Bill Vetrano
Todd and Melissa Livingston
Karen Manning
Judith and Stan McGaugh
Ernie and Roseanne McKnight
Cameron Montgomery
Holly and Jeffrey Mooneyham
Charlotte Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. William Payne
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Pulliam
Debbie and Key Reifers
Mollie and Kim Rushing
Frances Scarborough
Mari Micci and Daniel Shannon
Karen and Mike Skelton
Leesa Smith
Mr. Tracy Smith
Teresa and Keith Spealman
Mr. and Mrs. Dee Steed
Virginia Tardy and Carolyn Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Threadgill
Lois Toliver
Diane Trenthem
Patrice Wallace
Cristie and Scott Washington
Bruce West
Amanda Whitten
Turner and Jennifer Wood