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Arts Education Subscription Boxes 

This semester’s theme will be “SPRING INTO SUMMER,” and will encourage children and their families to explore everything our great Delta communities have to offer and learn about our new Arts and Literacy theme: The Elements of Art including Line, Shape, Color, Value, Space and Texture.

Each box will include new arts supplies with some simple art lessons and ideas, 1-2 books specific to your child’s reading level, and a Spotify playlist link for you and your child to listen to while they work with their new supplies and read their new books. All boxes will include activities and ideas that your child can complete independently and a couple that you can do together as well!

Boxes can be purchased by the entire series for $75 (3 boxes) or purchase them individually at $30 each.

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If you have any questions about our Spring into Summer Arts and Literacy Subscription Box Program please reach out to us in the Arts Education Office at BPAC, 662-846-4844 or by email at hsenter@deltastate.edu


The Mathews-Sanders Sculpture Garden

In August 1999, Pam Mathews moved to Cleveland where her husband David Potter had just been named the new President of Delta State University.

Pam, a painter, worked for the National Endowment for the Arts before moving south, and she called her new friend Nan Sanders, a fellow painter, to discuss the idea of developing a sculpture garden on the front lawn of the newly completed Bologna Performing Arts Center on  the DSU campus.

The board of the sculpture garden is endeavoring to make the art of sculpture accessible to all, and has crafted several activities for elementary through high school students to learn more about the artwork of the sculpture garden. Teachers can take advantage of the following handouts, which detail sculpture vocabulary as well as scavenger hunts and connect-the-dots sheets of the 2017-2019 Installation Class. Giant Jenga sets are available for use in the sculpture garden so that students can collaboratively build their own large sculptures! Place a time limit on “construction,” and see what your class groups can create as they learn more about the art of sculpture.

Connect-the-Dots Worksheets: Recommended for elementary students

Sculpture Scavenger Hunt Worksheets: Recommended for elementary through high school students

Sculpture Vocabulary Worksheet: Recommended for all students

The Bologna Performing Arts Center also has access to Giant Jenga games for classes to create their own temporary sculptures. Contact the Bologna Performing Arts Center to learn more about educational opportunities at the Mathews-Sanders Sculpture garden, or visit the official Sculpture Garden website.

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