Arts Education Subscription Boxes 

The Bologna Performing Arts Center is offering arts education boxes and books for children ages 5-8 for the upcoming fall semester. The program functions like a subscription-based service, so families can choose the frequency and price level of boxes they would like to receive for the months of September, October and November. Boxes will be distributed twice monthly on the 15th and 30th, and will include two arts projects, step-by-step instructions for project completion, and links to how-to videos available online, as well as a children’s book that complements each box’s theme. The how-to videos will be pre-recorded and made available online, so families can work through the projects on their own schedule and will not need access to webcams or audio equipment.

Boxes will be distributed twice a month September through November, on the 15th and 30th. Families can purchase their boxes for the entire semester or by the month, with varied pricing levels applied according to frequency of subscription. Please see our table below for pricing:

Entire Semester  September through November (all 6 boxes)  $60 total ($10 per box)
  MonthlySeptember Boxes (2 boxes) or
October Boxes (2 boxes) or November Boxes (2 boxes)  
    $25 per month ($12.50 per box)

To purchase the subscription for the entire semester, please navigate to our ticketing website. To register for your arts education boxes on a monthly basis, please download our registration form and return it to the arts education office.

Theatre Writer’s Workshop for Teens

Students ages 14+ are invited to participate in a dramatic writer’s workshop for the fall semester of 2020, which will focus on original short scenes and monologue work. This program, sponsored by the Bologna Performing Arts Center in partnership with the Delta Arts Alliance and StoryWorks Theatre, will begin with weekly virtual sessions and slowly progress into small group work pending development of case counts of COVID-19 in the region. Students will work with teaching artists to develop original material that they can use for future auditions and stage work, and will be able to pull from personal experiences during their times of separation during lockdowns and quarantine. The project will offer space to convene, discuss, and develop original content that serves as a time capsule for these unprecedented times. Please visit our ticketing website to register.

The ten-week program will culminate in a final virtual showcase two weeks prior to Thanksgiving in November. Please contact the arts education office at the Bologna Performing Arts Center at 662-846-4844 for any questions.

Our Commitment to Arts Education:


The Bologna Performing Arts Center is dedicated to providing exceptional artistic and educational opportunities to children in the Mississippi Delta region. Through our affiliation with Delta State University, we are able to offer a variety of programming to suit the needs of local families, school children, and educators. Each year, we work to engage children and community members in a number of different programming initiatives with local and state arts organizations. You can support our mission of delivering exceptional arts education to children of the Delta by becoming an annual member. Please explore all of our arts education offerings to learn just what BPAC Arts Education can offer you and your family!

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School-Time Matinee Series

One of our on-going arts education initiatives is the School-Time Matinee Series. Each year, we welcome approximately 10,000 children from PreK-12th grade, showcasing performances on the BPAC mainstage for younger audiences. As we continue to monitor the progression of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we will make updates to our website with further information on matinee bookings for the 2020-2021 school year. If you are a teacher or administrator who would like to provide feedback on your reopening process, or, who have questions about potential arts programming for the upcoming school year, we welcome your feedback. You can contact our offices at 662-846-4844. 

Read It, See It, Hear It, Be It

Our Read It, See It, Hear It, Be It partnership with GRAMMY Museum Mississippi and the Delta Arts Alliance supplements the performing arts experience with a music workshop or fine arts craft. Students who attend School-Time Matinee Performances will be eligible for reduced price copies of books on which the performances are based and participation in performance-themed workshops led by teaching artists from the Delta Arts Alliance and GRAMMY Museum Mississippi! The books are acceptable for multiple age ranges, from preK kids all the way through middle school readers. The performances will likewise be supplemented with study guides available for free download on our School-Time Matinee Series page. Currently, the 2020-2021 STMS and Read It, See It, Hear It, Be It performances and workshops have been suspended due to COVID-19. Our website will be updated frequently with any developments to the schedule.

The Janice Wyatt Mississippi Summer Arts Institute

For summer 2020, we transitioned our July PLUS Camp to a virtual format. Camp tuition was decreased by 75%, allowing families who were struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic to still participate in engaging arts education! We hope that this time next year we will be back on the stage, under the lights, and smiling for the audience! Please visit our Janice Wyatt Mississippi Summer Arts Institute page to find out more general information about our summer camp.

Campers ages 5-11 attend PLUS Camp, a week-long, performance-oriented day camp packed with tons of energy and fun activities. Campers ages 12-18 immerse themselves in a two-week, multi-faceted, residential CORE Arts program.  All programs will feature final showcases that demonstrate the hard work and immense dedication of our young artists. Tuition for CORE Arts Camp can be paid in installments over the spring semester leading up to the program, and tuition for PLUS and DRAMA Camp is due in one payment to secure the spot due to the popularity of the program. Please note that, due to the logistics of hiring teaching artists, ordering supplies, and making on-campus reservations, refunds are not given unless the department is contacted approximately three weeks prior to the start of camp.

Exposure to the arts contributes to the overall cognitive and social development of children. Providing students with a creative outlet of expression can improve academic achievement, accommodate a wide variety of learning styles, promote diverse multicultural perspectives, and aid in the development of positive self-esteem in adolescents. Arts education is an essential component in preparing youth for their future careers. Aspects such as team-work, self-discipline, and communication skills are promoted throughout the fine arts curriculum, and provide students with useful tools that will help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

For more information on our year-round Arts Education opportunities, feel free to drop by the Arts Education Office located in the main lobby of the Bologna Performing Arts Center on campus at Delta State University. You may also contact our arts education director, Cade Holder, at or at 662-846-4844.