Staff & Advisory Board


Jay Griffing, Technical Assistant
(662) 846-4846

Alexa Hayward, Arts Education Assistant
(662) 846-4844

Laura Howell, Executive Director
(662) 846-4625

Amber Kincaid, Patron Services and Marketing Coordinator
(662) 846-4625

Paula Lindsey, Associate Director of Production
(662) 846-4623

Loyd McDowell, Technical Director
(662) 846-4846

Austin Rutledge, Technical Assistant
(662) 846-4846

Holly Senter, Arts Education Director
(662) 846-4844

Advisory Board

Diedre Barret, Humphreys County

Andy Daniels, Sunflower County

David Gladden, DSU Foundation CFO

Merrill Greenlee, Washington County

Morgan Gulledge, Leflore County

Eddie Lovin, DSU Vice President of Student Affairs

Christy Riddle, DSU Staff Representative

Jamie Rutledge, DSU Vice President of Finance and Administration

Robert Terrell, Sunflower County

Richard Tremmel, DSU Faculty Representative

Will Young, DSU Student Government Association President