The TEN Tenors On Broadway

Event Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Event Time: 7:30 pm

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Direct from Australia!  The TEN Tenors will present a wonderful collection of Broadway’s greatest hits in their performance, “On Broadway.”  The TEN Tenors’ unique approach to opera has powered their rise to the top; bringing rock and classical music together, they have created a sound that is uniquely theirs. Expect them to bring the same contrast of raw power and soothing beauty to this special evening of the best of Broadway.

Amidst incredible international success, this Australian troupe has become known as one of the hardest working touring acts; performing an average of 250 shows per year across seven continents, they have sold over 3.5 million concert tickets; have four gold CDs and two platinum; two gold DVDs and one platinum, and continually strive to challenge themselves and their audience.

“The Ten Tenors…nearly blew the roof off of the theatre” –Broadway World

“I have seen The Three Tenors, The New York Tenors and a myriad of other tenor triplets over the years – but in this case, size really DOES matter and the “TEN” truly outshine all who came before… As individual vocalists, each and every one is a stand out, but it is when they sing together that the magic truly happens.”  - Broadway World

Orchestra: $45.00
Terrace: $40.00
Balcony: $25.00